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  • Stéphane Mallard
    Keynote Speaker

    Stéphane Mallard

    Entrepreneur and lecturer, CEO founder of Casual Shake — Casual Shake

    Artificial Intelligence is booming! As a digital evangelist,  keynote speaker Stéphane Mallard has a clear message: Artificial  Intelligence will disrupt everything. Stéphane Mallard is an expert in  technology and innovation, and his keynotes focus on how the digital  revolution is affecting everything in our lives.

    Stephane Mallard is an entrepreneur, author & speaker. He is the founder of Casual Shake. Already during his teenage years Stéphane was facinated by the digital world and was taught coding. Born in France with many long trips in the U.S. as a kid, he learned coding when he was 12. Stéphane graduated in Economics at University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and got his Master’s at Sciences Po Paris, France. He occupied several positions on digital transformation in consulting, financial and tech firms.

    Speaker Stéphane Mallard launched Casual Shake in 2018 and gives may talks throughout Europe and the U.S. in corporations, schools and for the general public, to raise awareness on the impact that the digital revolution brings about and harness its potential both as a business and for personal growth.

  • Guillaume Boisard

    Guillaume Boisard


    Head of Shared Services Department

  • Solenne Devys

    Solenne Devys

    Okko Hotels

    Communication and Product Director

  • Anton Lissorgues

    Anton Lissorgues


    Global Head of Hospitality sector

  • Sébastien Delannoy

    Sébastien Delannoy

    SAP Concur

    Director Business Development